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Spectrum Consulting Group invests in the community by providing specialized training courses in the area of project management. In addition to the courses we offer through the Oregon Graduate Institute’s Center for Professional Development, we also provide instructors for educational courses offered by Clackamas Community College (Oregon).

SCG will provide PMP-related training and education in conjunction with PMI to develop certified PMP professionals.


Bringing Portfolio, Program, Product, and Project (P4) Management Into the Enterprise Architecture.

Even now, project management is becoming a permanent and embedded fixture in progressive organizations. How will our ideas about project management have to change to meet the new paradigm? How are enterprise architects engineering project management into the enterprise architecture? What is enterprise architecture, anyway? In what ways can this transform the organization? And finally, what is the value proposition derived from embedding project management in the enterprise architecture? This presentation addresses these questions and more.

This paper addresses how project management is being embedded in the enterprise architecture of progressive organizations. This is particularly important, because a well-designed enterprise architecture is the logical environment for fully implementing OPM3. In addition, this paper addresses questions that must be answered to architect and build a successful project system, and identifies areas in the project management knowledge domain that need additional attention and development to create a truly well-functioning project system. While time and space limitations prevent a full discussion of specific advances being made by the authors in each of the knowledge domains addressed, a general description of those initiatives is provided.

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Essentials of Project Management. Roger Parish. Spectrum Consulting Group, LLC. 2003.

This book addresses the project life cycle in chronological sequence, taking the reader through a project from initiation to closing. It addresses those steps and/or tasks that must be performed that are common to all projects, no matter how large or small. This includes development of the project charter, project plan, and schedule, as well as dealing with status reports and meeting minutes in the project environment. CD included.

Advanced Project Management. Roger Parish. Spectrum Consulting Group, LLC. 2004.

Building upon information in the book, Essentials of Project Management, this book addresses those things project managers will start to face on medium to large projects and programs. The book differentiates between programs and projects, and the program life cycle versus the project life cycle. It shows how the two interrelate, and the documentation required by each.

It also deals with project governance on large projects; information storage, management, and retrieval; risk management; quality management; advanced measures and metrics; communications management; contracts and statements of work (as they relate to programs and projects); and other topics. CD included.

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